Stainless Steel Heat exchanger Tube

Stainless Steel Heat exchanger Tube

Heat exchanger tube in an extensive range of austenitic stainless steels, duplex stainless steels, nickel alloys, titanium and zirconium, suitable for all types of heat exchangers, such as seawater coolers, condensers, evaporators, heaters and reheaters.

Technical parameters

  • OD 12.7- 38 mm
  • Bending radii from 1.5 x OD up to 1,250 mm. Minimum bending radii for OD over 28 mm after agreement.
  • Leg length min. 1,000 mm.
  • Leg length max. 12,000 mm.
  • Heat treatment for radii up to 1,000 mm.

Heat treatment

If specified, we are equipped to carry out heat treatment of bends plus minimum 150 mm of leg.

  • Furnace is computer controlled and all data is recorded.
  • We use an Argon protective atmosphere inside the tubes.
  • We can supply all types of annealing; solution annealing, stress relieving and stabilization.


  • In strong, open or closed wooden boxes, depending on destination – max 8,000 kg.
  • Ends of tubes protected by plastic caps.
  • Vertical separators for each radius.
  • Chloride free plastic separators between each row, every 2 meters.
  • Each bundle is covered with plastic.
  • Customers can provide a packing drawing or Sandvik can prepare a packing plan.
  • Packing lists, covered with plastic, are placed on each wooden box for easy identification of order details, including exact list of radii and lengths inside.

Heat exchanger tube materials

The tables show our heat exchanger tube standard materials. Other grades can be offered on request.

Duplex stainless steels
S31500 1.4424 1.4417 Z2CND18-05-03
S31803/S32205 1.4462 Z2CND22-05-03
S32304 1.4362 1.4362 Z2NC23-04AZ
S32750 1.4410
UNS ASTM EN steel no. W.-nr AFNOR
High-alloy austenitic stainless steels and nickel alloys
N06600 Alloy 600 2.4816
N06690 Alloy 690 2.4642*** 2.4642 NC30FE(RCCM)
N08825 Alloy 825 2.4858
N08028 1.4563 1.4563
N08904 1.4539 1.4539 Z1NCDU25-20-4
S31254 1.4547 (1.4529)**

* 254 SMO is a trademark of Outokumpu OY.
** In brackets, nearest equivalent steel grade
*** Not applicable for tube and pipe. Only for information.

UNS ASTM EN steel no. W.-nr AFNOR
Austenitic stainless steels
S30403/S30400 304L/304 1.4306/1.4301 1.4306/1.4301 Z2CN18-10
S31603/S31600 316L/316 1.4435/1.4436 1.4435/1.4436 Z2CND17-13
S31635 316Ti 1.4571 1.4571 (Z6CNDT17-12)**
S32100/S32109 321/321H 1.4541/1.4940 1.4541/1.4878 (Z6CNT18-10)**
Type of material Grade(s)
Titanium and Zirconium
Titanium Pure titanium and titanium grades:
1, 2, 3, 4, 7, 9, 11, 12, 16, 17, 26 and 28
Zirconium Zirconium 702 (ZR-702)
Product standards
A-789 SA-789
A-789 SA-789 10216-5 VD TÜV Blatt 508
A-789 SA-789 10216-5 VD TÜV Blatt 418 NFA 49-217
A-789 SA-789 10216-5
A-789 SA-789 NFA 49-217
B-163 B-167 SB-163 SB-167 VD TÜV Blatt 305
B-163 B-167 SB-163 SB-167
B-163 B-423 SB-163 SB-423 10216-5
B-668 SB-668 10216-5 VD TÜV Blatt 483
A-269 SB-677 10216-5 VD TÜV Blatt 421 NFA 49-217
A-213 A-269 10216-5
A-213 DIN 17458 NFA 49-217
A-213 A-269 SA-213 10216-5 DIN 17458 NFA 49-217
A-213 A-269 SA-213 10216-5 DIN 17458 NFA 49-217
A-213 A-269 SA-213 10216-5 DIN 17458 NFA 49-217